Arifa Begum: Story of Hope

“Together, we weave not only fabric but also a tapestry of support and growth,” Arifa Begum, Pollyman, Mtifabs Limited, beautifully articulates the essence of unity and collaboration at Multifabs Limited

Arifa Begum’s journey at Multifabs Limited is a testament to the power of collaboration and compassion in the workplace. She understands the value of unity, where co-workers are more than just colleagues; they are a support system.

Arifa passionately spoke about the compliance and welfare officers who serve as guardians of the employees’ well-being. “In times of need, we find solace in their guidance,” she said.

Multifabs Limited’s commitment to its workers is evident through the five dedicated committees that stand as pillars of care: Workers Participations Committee, Grievance Committee, Anti-Harassment Committee, Safety Committee, and Canteen Committee. These committees don’t just bear names; they represent the factory’s devotion to addressing concerns head-on.

“Unity is our strength,” Arifa emphasized. She shared heartwarming instances of co-workers standing by each other on the bustling factory floor, lending a hand to those in need. Their collective spirit turns challenges into opportunities and fosters a workplace where everyone thrives.

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