Momija Begum: Story of Hope

Momija had always struggled with the challenges of her menstrual cycle, especially in a society where it was considered a taboo topic.

She often felt embarrassed and stressed about her monthly period, which affected her work performance and well-being.

But that all changed when her employer, Multifabs Limited, launched an initiative that would transform the lives of Momija and her 4,000 female co-workers. The company understood the value of taking care of its employees and decided to make a positive difference for its women workers.

Every month, Multifabs gave out free sanitary napkins to its female staff, including Momija. This generous gesture relieved Momija from a major financial pressure. She no longer had to spend a part of her income on buying sanitary napkins.

She felt more empowered and confident, and was able to use her money for her family’s needs and her own personal growth.

Moreover, Multifabs also provided free iron tablets to help their female workers meet their nutritional requirements. This showed that the company cared not only about their physical comfort but also their overall health and well-being.

Whenever Momija needed a sanitary napkin, she knew she could count on her floor manager to assist her. She felt secure and supported, and was able to concentrate on her work without any worries.

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