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Factory Premises

From Hazrat Shahajalal International Airport, Dhaka, just about 15 minutes’ drive would lead to the corporate head office of Multifabs at Baridhara, DOHS, and about 40 minutes’ drive to the production premise at Nayapara, Kashimpur, Gazipur.


Production Possibilities

Multifabs was established in 1993 with a production capacity of 20000-22000 pieces of knit apparel per day. However, demands from its buyers increased so early and rapidly that, by the year 2021, Four expansion schemas were successfully completed to cover 600,000 sft of working floor space across its knitting, dyeing and garments facilities to enable produce nearly 130,000 pieces of high quality knit apparel every day through 65 sewing lines.

Our Capacity


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Designing Unlimited Possibilities

Sample Development & Design

Multifabs Ltd has a well equipped Sample Room manned with top of the line tailoring masters in the industry.

From Sketchboard to Shelves

Sample Development & Design

With the sample making capacity of 500 pieces daily, it enables Multifabs to produce and reproduce exact samples practically in the earliest possible time. This helps Multifabs offer shorter lead times.

MIS Automation

Keeping Multifabs Ltd. functioning superbly is the ultimate objective of this department. It helps to monitor the production, inventory, quality, delivery, HR and technology status on target. It applies extremely sophisticated ERP solution.

Multifabs Ltd. maintains a high speed Earth-net Lao1 Area Network to connect its employees’ PCs with several servers. It is however, needless to mention that Multifabs is accessible round the clock through high speed Broadband Connectivity.


Within the factory premises, Multifabs Ltd. has a four-generator power sub-station capable of producing 2500KVA to guarantee smooth and uninterrupted power supply to its every operation on the site.


Multifabs is presently running a 60 M3 an hour Effluent Treatment Plant ETP) of Electro Contaminant Removal (ECR) technology.


Power Backup System (PBS)

We are powered by gas generators with backup sets of diesel operated generator to produce more than 4MW of uninterrupted electricity.


Exhaust Gas Boiler (EGB)

The 1.7 ton per hour Clayton Exhaust Gas Boiler (EGB) of USA produces extra steam recovering and reusing gas generator’s exhaust heat. It saves 75 cubic meters of gas per hour.


Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

All the water Multifabs uses in dyeing is pumped through its deep tube well and is treated via a 150 cubic metres-an-hour capacity Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to remove Iron and other contents harmful for dyeing. It helps increase dyeing quality and reduces chemical cost as well.


Hot Water Module (HWM)

To ensure Supply of necessary hot water to the dyeing plant, Multifabs uses Hot Water Module (HWM) which recovers condensed stream. Saving 20-25 tons of steams and 1550 cubic meters of water every day, HWM immensely contribute inr_reasing production efficiency of wet dyeing process also.


Online Flow Meter Monitoring System (OFMMS):

Use of water for each machine and section is now placed under consumption measurement surveillance through online monitoring system. It can measure flow of steam and gas as well It can be mentioned that multifabs is now involved in PACT and STWI program. Online meters at all of its inlets and outlets are continually how much of water is being used every day. Workers are aware of that. And so it has helped Multifabs save water in a big way. It paved that way for Multifabs to win the best performance award 2015 in the STWI Program.


Our national and international standard recognitions and certifications further help us maintain the best of quality in our relentless pursuit of providing only the best in product and services.